Rep. George Santos Raised Money to Help a U.S. Veteran’s Dog, but the Veteran Never Saw A Dollar

According to a story reported in the Patch and subsequently confirmed repeatedly elsewhere. George Santos, for all his apparent lies, even lied about helping a sick dog. You can lie about your education or personal life, but cheat a sick dog and also a U.S. veteran? What kind of person does that?

In May 2016, Richard Osthoff,  who is a disabled U.S. veteran with an honorable discharge, was living in a tent in an abandoned chicken coop on the side of Route 9 in Howell, NJ, with his beloved service dog Sapphire. A veteran’s charity gave the pit mix to Osthoff. It was discovered later that the dog had a stomach tumor, which required at the very least surgical intervention for $3,000.

A veterinary technician took Osthoff aside and told him, “‘I know a guy who runs a pet charity who can help you,’” Osthoff recounted.

His name was Anthony Devolder, and his pet charity was called Friends of Pets United (a quick search shows no such organization in operation today), the vet tech told him. Devolder, was one of the names that Long Island Rep. George Santos used for years before entering politics in 2020. Here he was this mysterious angel from nowhere appearing to help the dog.

According to various media reports, including the Patch, Devolder (Santos) set up a GoFundMe and indeed raised the $3,000. However, Osthoff never saw the money, as Devoler (Santos) vanished, and his dog died fairly soon thereafter.

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A witness to all this is Michael Boll, founder of New Jersey Veterans Network.

The angel turned out to be a devil, cheating a dog and a U.S. veteran. You can’t get much worse.

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