Ukraine has already received dozens of modern tanks and armored vehicles

Ukrainian crews have undergone six weeks of training in Germany in order to master the Leopard tanks and Marder vehicles before their use of the battlefield.

Ukraine has also received 14 Challenger 2 tanks from the UK, the first 90 Striker combat vehicles from the U.S, and many other heavy weapons, the outlet reported.

Over 100 American Bradley fighting vehicles, 50 Sweden CV90 combat vehicles, and 40 French AMX-10RC light tanks are expected to arrive in Ukraine imminently.

“Now, the countdown to the day X had been started, to the day when the powerful Ukrainian forces equipped with Western modern military technologies will start to deoccupy its territories from Russians”, Julian Röpcke, the Bild journalist in Ukraine, believes.

Ukrainian forces have a good chance to launch a successful counteroffensive this spring and they have “a great advantage” compared to the Russia, said U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on March 28.

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